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Shops & Businesses

By combining the creation of an atmosphere that reflects the company’s values with the efficient division of the interior space, we aim to design a place that people want to come back to - whether they are owners, employees or customers.

Botsford Station, Moncton, NB

Office space planning (details to come)

Café Maris Stella, Bas-Caraquet, NB

Commercial expansion and requalification (details to come)

Café Nektar Limoilou, Québec, Qc

Interior design (details to come)

Bureau Nordais, Sheila, NB

Renovation of a century-old house (details to come)

Érablière des 3 cabanes, Saint-Raymond, Qc

Agricultural renovation (details to come)

Bistro La Batture, Tracadie, NB

Commercial sketch (details to come)

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Acadian Peninsula, NB, Canada
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