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Cultures & Communities

We pay particular attention to highlighting the potential of each mandate by communicating a coherent and realistic solution that will be valid for many years to come.

Service pavillon & gallery, Scania, Sweden

New construction in the Vombs ängar nature reserve (details to come)

Espace La Fabrique, Tracadie, NB

Activity center for people with intellectual disabilities (details to come)

Polyvalente W.-A. Losier, Tracadie, NB

Development of the outdoor courtyard and community gardens (details to come)

Académie Sainte-Famille - 3rd floor, Tracadie, NB

Cultural restoration (details to come)

Parc de la Planne, Caraquet, NB

Community Sketch (details to come)

Bird Hides, Tracadie, NB

Design of structures and display (details to come)

Cultural Center ARNA (art & nature), Harlösa, Sweden

Cultural Sketch (details to come)

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Tracadie, NB

Planning of the cemetery expansion (details to come)

Outdoor center, Regional Municipality of Tracadie, NB

Cartographic study and environmental preservation (details to come)

Renovation Project, Kitcisakik anicinape community, Qc

Involvement with the organization "Emergency architects" (details to come)

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