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Research & Installations

Whether through interdisciplinary collaborations, design-build or research-creation projects; It is by exploring beyond the boundaries of architecture that we deepen our creative practice and fuel our professional thinking.

LandEscape, Olafsfjördùr, Islande

Series of installations in the landscape approaching the spirit of the place (details to come)

Emotional mapping, Sudbury, Ontario

Participatory process, Fair of Alternative Art of Sudbury (details to come)

Alentours, series of interdisciplinary collages

Reflection on the local landscape and the spirit of the place (details to come)

Nazaire Dugas, first Acadian architect

Research-creation project, artsnb (details to come)

Kiss&Fly, Millennium Ecological Park, Moncton, NB

Collectif MMM, Symposium Art-Nature  (details to come)

Architecture workshop: A village by the sea for the elderly people

Percé International Summer School, Gaspésie, Qc (details to come)

Comfortable density in Amsterdam, study trip

Series of photographs, exhibitions and conferences (details to come)

Architecture workshop: Université Laval, Qc

Collective housing project imagined in the St-Sauveur neighborhood (details to come)

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Acadian Peninsula, NB, Canada
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